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Welcome to the IBS Treatment Website

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The entire site consists of eight pages.
For it to be useful to you, you may want to take some time to surf and read those pages which you feel are relevant to you.

I have designed this website to be used as information and to provide, if you are interested, some psychological insights into your condition.

Before this website can be useful to you, you need to have already taken these steps.

You need to have
  1. Seen a physician
  2. Taken their advice regarding lifestyle, diet and medication
  3. Given this advice and prescriptions a chance to work

If you have not followed the above steps and /or have not followed the advice given, you may be suffering unnecessarily.

Following the above steps will most likely make you feel better.

But if you have followed your doctor's advice and if that treatment has not been effective, (this is the case for about 15% of IBS sufferers), you may find this website useful and perhaps meaningful.

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