This website is intended to provide you with self help and an understanding of the possible emotional basis of your IBS.

Talking with a professional, when you feel ready, may help.

Mark Egit Ph.D.
Mark Egit Ph.D.
    You could speak with

  •  your physician,

  •  a psychologist, psychiatrist or psychoanalyst who believes that there are emotional basis to some physical illnesses.

  •   you may wish to speak with me over the telephone.
Telephone Mark Egit
here is the process

1.  You will have to call my office [(416) 929-0096] and leave a message to say that you would like me to return your call.

2.  Leave a telephone number where you can be reached easily or where I can leave a message.

3.  I will try to return your call to say I have received your message and that I can make time to speak with you and provide you with a mailing address ( if I return your call we can proceed)

4.  At this point you will have to decide whether you wish to proceed further

5.  If so you will need to send in the mail

  • The completed assessment form (under the assessment on this site)
  • A cheque for $75 made out to me
  • Your time zone
  • Any specific questions you might have

6.  I will then call again with a time for the telephone appointment for a 20 minute telephone session.

7.  If you wish to speak with me again a similar procedure will be followed. Subsequent sessions, will be 45 minutes. The fee will be $150.

My office

I wish you the best with your struggle and remember that in time the condition can reverse itself quite on its own

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